Why us?

As there are so many Manpower Companies in Nepal operating to provide manpower services across several countries, it might as well be difficult for the prospective service seekers to choose a right and reliable Manpower Company. As we have already mentioned our mission and vision, we need not speak more about the company. But, we would still like to enlist few points that describes us why we are the forerunning Manpower Company in Nepal.

We are Worth It

  • We have always had our permanent clients staying loyally with us and furthermore, they are making recommendations that inspire us to add newer clients into our portfolio.
  • Universal International Pvt. Ltd. always works in symbiosis with the government of Nepal, the existing labor laws and hence is a government authorized company to provide the manpower service.
  • Universal International Pvt. Ltd. is a trusted and established name in the industry of manpower.
  • Employment opportunities that are generated and provided through Universal International are always safe and of the highest quality.
  • Foreign employers trust us for the amount of experience we have and also for the sort of service we have been providing over the years.
  • Our clients say that through all the years in business we have proved ourselves worth in the business and somebody who can be banked upon by the employers and also the service seekers.