Owner Message

I am delighted to release this message and begin by extending my greetings to all my associate partners , clients, institutions and recruitment agencies in Netherlands, Poland, Ireland, Finland, Portugal, Germany, France, Norway, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Cyprus, Romania,  New Zealand, Switzerland, Estonia, Lithunia, Slovakia, Austria, Japan, USA, Canada, Dubai, Qatar, Malaysia, Kuwait, Oman, Barhain, Saudi Arabia, Bulgaria and others . I am equally grateful to friends and foreign Employment Agencies who have been supporting us in our mission with enthusiastic motive to promote a respective business of recruitment .I hope that we will receive continuous support all the form the establishment date of Universal begin its journey in 2005; its expansion from a small outfit to a private limited company and a brand name 'Universal ' recognized nationally and internationally makes me believe that god's grace , friend's supports and devotion to work are worthy enough to achieve success . I proudly announce that our visa success rate throughout our full systematic operations will remain the maximum that clearly reflects the accept process clients who deserve the place.
Good job placement in international market determines the future of employer , thus one wrong advice may lead them to end up on a wrong guidelines at wrong destination. The decision to job placement in abroad is both significant and financially costing approach , hence every stem should be consciously undertaken by every individuals involved in the process .
I wish to extend my thanks to all those who support us in our mission.