About Us

We are a team of dedicated men striving for excellence in the field of manpower. The major features of Universal International Pvt. Ltd. are the quality service it provides, the sincerity and honesty of the staffs and the reliable services it provides to its prospective clients and customers. Our first and the foremost preference is to provide quality manpower service in time and as per the convenience of service seekers. We are committed to your satisfaction.

We have a proven record in the field of manpower and we believe the services provided by our sincere, hardworking and dedicated staffs will further boost the business and the future prospects of the company in the coming years too. We are confident that we will continue to provide better opportunities to our Nepali youths who intend to go abroad as skilled manpower.

And the prospect of working as skilled manpower abroad will definitely help the nation in collecting significant remittance and will also boost the national economy.
Hence, we aim to be part of the nation building process by helping our youths to realize their dream of working abroad, and we provide the services in a comparatively modest price.

Our Vision

Universal International Pvt. Ltd. intends to uphold the principles of integrity, quality service, creativity and professionalism so that we can provide quality service to our clients and service seekers. Our mission and vision is to provide manpower and employment service which benefits both the employers and the employees and establish ourselves as a staffing agency which is reliable, honest and committed.

We envision ourselves as a premier global human resource service provider. Universal International Pvt. Ltd. has created a bridge for the Nepali workers to the rest of the world so that they can be well-placed in a good firm abroad. Our vision is to act a connecting link between manpower and the prospective agencies so that best employee-employer match can be found worldwide.

We supply several of manpower in the technical fields like that of highly qualified engineers to manual labors in gulf countries and Europe.


Our Commitment  

Universal International Pvt. Ltd. is fully committed to the complete satisfaction of both overseas employment seekers as well as the overseas Employment providers. Universal International Pvt. Ltd. is a manpower recruitment agency which is committed to provide appropriate job opportunities to the ones who are desirous of overseas employment and helps them to find the right job and secure them a better future.

At the same time, Universal International Pvt. Ltd. is also committed to its valued overseas employers who are seeking a talented, honest and dedicated manpower. Universal International offers them to provide the solution as we strive to select the best and skilled candidates for the overseas employers.