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Universal international Pvt. Ltd. Established in 2005 as an independent company for the promotion of national & international market with special emphasis on Human Management & Recruitment Services. Its objective is to provide a formal and authorized like between international recruitment business agencies ,enterprises , national agencies and employer planning to job placement in abroad.
To obtain our goal, we operate a full-time proper Counselling service. Our target is to provide clients professional advice and information on the various requirement and procedure processing their application for gaining better job in their destined arena.
To support and coordinate the appropriate market promotions through seminars, exhibition , marketing and recruitment activities, communicating the needs and visions of our clients in a well-managed and quality assured manner for maintaining the optimum need of commercial market.

Employment opportunities worldwide undergoes the challenge created by dynamics of global needs and opportunities are related with it . thus Universal International Pvt . Ltd. Helps and supports clients' mobility seeking international qualifications of repute accepted in the global market.
Adaptation in the changing environment becomes essential and Universal International Pvt. Ltd. Provide supporting hand to clients for career development at all levels, in other to become dynamic , successful as well as critical enough to identify long- term issues and assess their impact on future goals.


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Owner Message

I am delighted to release this message and begin by extending my greetings to all my associate partners , clients, institutions and recruitment agencies in BRUNEI , CYPRUS , POLAND , PORTUGAL , GERMANY , FRANCE , ITALY , SPAIN , NEW ZEALAND , IRELAND , HOLLAND , ISREAL , USA , CANADA , JAPAN , SAUDI ARABIA , MALAYSIA , QTAR , OMAN , BAHRAIN , UAE , KUWAIT  and others ....

Selection Process

In our endeavor to final candidates and officer candidates a good career opportunities based on past achievements and demonstrated potential. We have a rigorous selection process which can be adopted to selection at various levels .Points mentioned below are general in nature and normally customized for every position . In –depth understanding of the client's business, culture and objectives is taken beforehand , the skills and interpersonal characteristics required in a position are defined and identified and accordingly a comprehensive position...

Required Documents

The following documents are to be provided by the employer for recruitment from Nepal.


This letter is issued by the employer addressing the Consulate General of the respective Embassy informing :

  •  The appointment of Universal International Pvt.Ltd. as a lawful Agent of the employer.
  • Authorization to act on behalf of the employer and to carry all visa formalities with the Embassy.